Break the Code: Solving Code Challenges with Expert Strategies - Session 2

Be part of our dynamic Tech Talk series to help you be the best at solving code challenges. Tailored for beginners and intermediate coders, this series is the perfect opportunity to elevate your coding skills. Dive deep into the art of analyzing, understanding, and solving intricate coding problems.

In this 45-minute sessions, we will explore:

  • Competitive Programming
  • Mathematical Knowledge
  • Problem Solving Patterns
  • Solving Code Challenges

This Tech Talk is ideal for anyone eager to sharpen their coding techniques and tackle challenges with greater efficacy. Seize this opportunity to elevate your coding prowess. Register now to claim your place in this transformative educational journey!

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Eduardo Raygoza
Software Engineer
Eduardo Raygoza joined ITJ on April 2022 and has worked as a Software Engineer ever since. Eduardo has 3 years of software development experience and is an Azure certified developer.
Armando Mendivil
Software Engineer
Armando Mendivil joined ITJ on May 2023 and has worked as Staff Engineer ever since. Armando has 10 years of software development experience with technologies like React, Node, React Native and Python.

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