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miCoach is a digital career coaching platform designed by ITJ that provides tailored skills assessments, training, experiences and coaching to help you achieve your career goals.
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Crafter for the LATAM IT Community:
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In 2019, Maritza Díaz, ITJ's CEO recognized the importance of specialized coaching tailored for IT professionals in their career journeys. Based on personal experience and an understanding of the importance of professional support, ITJ has launched a platform dedicated to providing a career coach to every engineer in Latin America. Today, we continue to empower Software Engineers, addressing their questions and guiding them through their career paths.

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miCoach is the ITJ-designed talent development platform that offers a multitude of experiences for tech enthusiasts and senior professionals alike.Our platform serves as an education hub, offering expert-led courses, training, skills assessments and experiences to help you thrive and achieve your career aspirations in the dynamic world of technology.